Aluminium Castings | Aluminum Casting

When we discuss on right material for metal casting, aluminum is always considered best and easy available everywhere. Aluminum is recyclable in nature and it can be obtained from bin and trashes as well. The reason why aluminum is so much popular is its functional properties and characteristics. Aluminum casting in India may be hobby for an artist to design sculptors or some other useful components.


Aluminum is one of the metals being used for various purposes since a very long time. It is the second most widely used metal after iron. A global production and usage of over 50 million tons of aluminum casting is recorded in the recent years.

If we talk about technology then it is everywhere but when we talk about the most prevalent manufacturing technique in existence sine ages then no one can deny the importance of Aluminium Investment Castings. This is the most popular casting technique that is known by almost everybody.

Aluminium Investment Castings process was started almost 5000 years back when it was used to manufacture gold jewelry, copper, bronze etc. First lost wax mold is prepared to make a pattern that is further filled to make final casting. Today, Aluminium Investment Castings is much affordable, functional, and capable process that assures high quality products for the industries.


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